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Ain’t I … ?

OFeb 1, 2009

Love Akshay. Love Kylie. Love yellow. Can’t wait for Blue (10/16/09 release). “Out of all the mysteries that have plagued humankind over the centuries, none is quite as baffling as how America got stuck with boring old Madonna while the rest of the world got to savor the deliciously irresistible Kylie Minogue.” – Aidin Vaziri […]

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Duniya Mein Kitni Hai Nafratein – Haters beware!

OJul 29, 2008

I recently saw the first episode of “Khatron Ke Khiladi ” – “Fear Factor” Indian style (lit: Dangers’ Players). The show is a little different from the American version, which I vaguely remember from a brief time that – God knows why – I got into it in the early 2000’s. The American version was […]

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