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Imran Khan comes out for equity!

ODec 25, 2013

In the aftermath of the recent Indian Supreme Court decision over Indian Penal Code section 377, “Imran vs. homophobia” dropped just in time to crack me up! Kudos to Khan and the production team for taking a common comedy trope and making it funny with snappy writing and acting. It’s like an after-school special. Except […]

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We Are You, Khan

OAug 28, 2009

If you were anywhere near what’s affectionately known as the “Bollyverse” within the last few days you’ve no doubt heard that last weekend Shah Rukh Khan, a star who needs no introduction to anyone on this website, was held for over an hour of secondary questioning at the Newark NJ airport on the way to […]

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Getting Lucky on the web

OJul 24, 2009

I’ve begun to add film reviews on Here’s a link to Soham Shah’s latest, a little ditty called Luck.

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