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Hindi Film Box sets we’d like to see

DVD cover: 10 Bollywood films featuring Shilpa Shetty and Anil Kapoor
OOct 14, 2014

I am beyond the beyond to repost this discerning list composed on Twitter by Beth Watkins, Danny Bowes and Bastard Keith. After Beth found her copy of “Aamir Khan: The Genius,” this list was born. Bobby Deol: The Other One Esha Deol: The Other Other One Jackky Bhagnani: You Know What Just Forget It You […]

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Bang Bang stream of consciousness

Bang Bang promo photo
OOct 14, 2014

I have been subsumed by life’s debris and lost touch with the thing I love most- thinking about Hindi films. Even when I watched something fab I didn’t think I had time to write up anything. It was weighing heavy on my heart, so this is my new thing – the stream of consciousness analysis. […]

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Imran Khan comes out for equity!

ODec 25, 2013

In the aftermath of the recent Indian Supreme Court decision over Indian Penal Code section 377, “Imran vs. homophobia” dropped just in time to crack me up! Kudos to Khan and the production team for taking a common comedy trope and making it funny with snappy writing and acting. It’s like an after-school special. Except […]

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This year will end with dhoom और doom

ODec 24, 2013

[Spoilers ahead, and this is a story of spoils.] Dhoom: 3 comes at a perfect time. The storyline couldn’t be more apt. It’s 2013, Chicago, and the bankers are the baddies. They foreclose on your life and give you three days to give them your stuff and move. They don’t care if you have kids. […]

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We Are You, Khan

OAug 28, 2009

If you were anywhere near what’s affectionately known as the “Bollyverse” within the last few days you’ve no doubt heard that last weekend Shah Rukh Khan, a star who needs no introduction to anyone on this website, was held for over an hour of secondary questioning at the Newark NJ airport on the way to […]

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Getting Lucky on the web

OJul 24, 2009

I’ve begun to add film reviews on Here’s a link to Soham Shah’s latest, a little ditty called Luck.

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Ain’t I … ?

OFeb 1, 2009

Love Akshay. Love Kylie. Love yellow. Can’t wait for Blue (10/16/09 release). “Out of all the mysteries that have plagued humankind over the centuries, none is quite as baffling as how America got stuck with boring old Madonna while the rest of the world got to savor the deliciously irresistible Kylie Minogue.” – Aidin Vaziri […]

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I see God in you – do you see her in me? [Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi]

ODec 29, 2008

At its core, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (2008, dir. Aditya Chopra) is a story of good people trying to make the people they care about happy. How they do it is full of fumbles, bumbling, well-intentioned goofs, mistakes and the conundrums of logic that go with plans that seemed logical at the moment but […]

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Young Gifted and Brown

OAug 4, 2008

Last night my friend asked me “Why do you like Hindi films so much?” I get this question relatively regularly, especially from people who grew up watching them, which I didn’t, and/or who grew up in India (which I didn’t). One of these days I’ll have to ask why they ask. I replied to him […]

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