Of cats and men

This site has to be the cleverest indictment of the modeling industry I’ve ever seen. Catch the series to get the full effect. See the small story at http://distractify.com/people/male-models-and-cats/ .… Continue reading Of cats and men

Pardon the dust!

Image courtesy of the Rosie the Riveter/WWII Home Front National Historic Park: "Edith Juarez Rodriguez was a riveter for Boeing Aircraft in Wichita, KS during the war. She is seen here walking down the street with a coworker, circa 1944, and in 2006 showing pride for her work toward the war effort--and still fits in the uniform!"

When I first built a website for myself in 2009, part of my goal was to learn to build websites, and to get a platform to blog regularly. I did… Continue reading Pardon the dust!

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