Scientologists <3 Ant & Dec - Let's get ready to rumble

AntDecMy favourite variety show hosts, Ant & Dec, are apparently going down a a smash with Scientologists in the US. Say what?

Ok, says the Daily Star, so you may want to get outside verification. But check out the article link above all the same for extreme British tabloid fun!

I’ve really enjoyed their Saturday Night Takeaway for its nearly sarcasm-free zone of good natured gags, interviews, skits, and audience contests. It may be a little sweet seeming for most edgy Americans (and probably is twee even in the UK!). I like it, perhaps because I loved the Donnie and Marie Show, and Sonny and Cher, and even Hee Haw in my youth. I’d forgotten all about Hee Haw until my recent trip to Memphis, and in one of the interminable music museums I visited (I think it was one of my least favorites – the Rock & Soul Museum) was one of Minnie Pearl’s outfits.

SNT was wildly popular in the UK – too bad we didn’t import that format over with Ant & Dec instead of yet another game show. I guess no one wants to pay writers anymore. (That’s not what I want to hear!) Check out their site at ITV.

Here in the US and A they’re doing Wanna Bet?: ” in which celebrity guests gamble on whether members of the public can perform an unusual stunt.” Oy vey.

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